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Planning Session Facilitation

Strategic planning is essential for building an organization that will thrive in the future. We assist Boards and Management Teams in developing strategic blueprints for their financial institutions. Service includes planning workbook, facilitation and summary report.

Comprehensive Planning Process

Build a strong strategic planning foundation. In conjunction with your management team, a cohesive, research-based plan is developed and presented to your Board for refinement. This provides the benefit of maximizing the Board’s valuable time.  This programs is provided with CEO Advisory Group.

Technology Planning

Identify and prioritize IT strategies that will have the greatest return for your financial institution. Utilize our extensive Internet and eFinance experience to assist you on strategic consultation or implementation projects.

Financial Analysis

Utilize an independent financial analysis to support branch expansion strategies to your Board using our advanced financial models.

Market Research

Successful companies develop customer-centric strategies. Our extensive menu of market research services can assist you in aligning your company with your customers’ needs. We offer customer needs analysis, customer satisfaction, branding, segmentation and pricing analyses.

Web Consulting

Assess the usability and marketing strategies that will improve your Web site. Increase customer loyalty and ROI from your site. We provide web site audits and strategy consulting to ensure you optimize this important channel.